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MENU PAGANINI & VIVALDI A Mandolin for all Seasons
VIVALDI - THROUGH 4 SEASONS Carlo Aonzo plays Vivaldi with the Ensemble Il Falcone. Complimenti! Fantastico! You can’t play the 4 Seasons on a mandolin, except when Carlo Aonzo plays! Amaaaaazing!!! Il Falcone is top-class,too! More info at:
PAGANINI - SONATAS Carlo Aonzo and René Izquierdo. The guitar sounds wonderful and the mandolin is brilliant. Perfect for the virtuosismo of Paganini. The two muscians are on the absolute highest level. More info at:
GIMOSAMLINGEN - THE GIMO COLLECTION Duo Acquavella with Bach Collegium San Diego plays this music so beautiful. It is the best inter- pretation of the sonatas and triosonatas ever! More info at:
GIMOSAMLINGEN The Gimo Collection
THE VIRTUOSO MANDOLIN Keith Harris on a CD. I clearly remember New Year's Day, 1983. That was when I first heard Keith Harris, live, at a concert in Linköping, Sweden. It was an amazing experience for me to hear, for the first time in my life, a genuine mandolin virtuoso playing in person. Then, starting the next day, Keith Harris was special guest teacher at our first Mandolin Seminar, with my mandolin and guitar ensemble Musica Festiva, which later became the Camerata Mandolino Classico, in the idyllic Swedish town of Vadstena, on Lake Vättern. Thanks to modern technology, we can still marvel at his superb musicianship on this wonderful CD, a remastering of an LP he recorded in London in 1980. Since our first encounter 34 years ago, Keith and I have seen the world through our involvement with the mandolin, and we still enjoy working with each other as much as on the first day. The Mandolin World is a wonderful microcosm. More info at: All reviews written by: Lars Forslund, Artistic Director of The Mandolin Academy in Sweden and Venice, Italy.
OLOF NÄSLUND On this record plays Camerata Mandolino Classico music composed by Olof Näslund. Conductor: Keith Harris Soloists: Gianni Fassetta, accordion, Kenneth Frejd, guitar & Stefanie Rauch, mandolin
OLOF NÄSLUND Vol. 1 LEARN MORE ABOUT:  Olof Näslund, composer