THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY We have over 30 years of experience in organising concerts, concert tours and festivals. Our years of international experience have given us the expertise we need to confidently organise and manage concerts, seminars and master classes. The vast knowledge base of the MANDOLIN ACADEMY includes the resources of its sister organisations, the Vivaldi Festival in Sweden and the Vivaldi Choral Festival in Italy. It places us in a completely unique position to work with you to realise your own personal goals. THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY IN VENICE is  part of a much larger operation. This enables us to achieve things far beyond the possibilities of an organisation which is only for the mandolin. We look forward to benefitting the instrument and its players worldwide. THE AIM OF THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY The academy will be a powerful force in raising awareness of the mandolin and its music, and in reaching a general audience not just confined to insiders. It is time for our beautiful instrument to reclaim the status it formerly enjoyed as part of normal musical life. The MANDOLIN ACADEMY will contribute in many ways, including building bridges to players and singers from the established music scene. This ensures the best possible performance quality and also adds an important social dimension. WE ARE PROGRESSIVE AND OPEN-MINDED Our activities are open to everyone, from the beginner to the professional performer. Everybody can benefit from our experience, contacts and expertise. Our progressive approach keeps us up to date with the larger international concert scene.   Lars Forslund on behalf of the Mandolin Academy Team.
We open doors to a new world of music MENU
THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY in Sweden and Venice, Italy
THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY We are progressive and open-minded