THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY Organises Concerts and Holds Seminars in Mandolin Playing in the Extraordinary Italian City of Venice Concert Tours to Venice for Mandolin Orchestras & Soloists We offer exciting and unique opportunities for both mandolin soloists and plucked string orchestras to perform in the magnificent churches and palaces of Venice. The MANDOLIN ACADEMY is part of Venice – we know how to make it happen. Read on to find out more. Would  you like to give      concerts in Venice, Italy? T H E M A N D O L I N A C A D E M Y Carrying wave - oil painting by Sonia Monica, 2012. CONCERT TOURS TO VENICE THE MANDOLIN ACADEMY IN VENICE VENEZIA © copyright: 2015 Next page: Academy THE EDUCATIONAL TEAM / SEMINARS CONTEMPORARY MUSIC / LECTURE CHAMBER MUSIC COURSES Courses for Mandolin and Plucked String Ensemble: Tours for Mandolin Orchestras Click on the images to enlarge!